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Our focus is Women's Health, hormones & Fertility. Our philosophy is to educate, empower, and lead to help you cut through the clutter, figure out what your body truly needs and craft a wellbeing plan that’s unique to you. Our Naturopaths offer diet & lifestyle guidance, accountability support, a range of testing options and prescription advice to women of all ages.

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Discover and uncover natural solutions to the health issues you have been longing to balance and health goals you’re excited to start.

It might be falling pregnant (optimising fertility, egg quality, IVF), balancing your hormones (PMS, period pain, PCOS, missing periods, endometriosis), restoring your digestive health (IBS, Bloating, constipation, SIBO) or supporting your mental health (Anxiety, excess worry, depression, stress, MTHFR, disordered eating, poor quality sleep) we have you covered. 

Whether you’re new to this journey or if you’ve been searching for the right Naturopath for a long time, we are here to support and help you navigate through your options.

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Our Team

We are a dedicated team of qualified and experienced Naturopaths. We are passionate about what we do and spend our time out of consultations developing our knowledge through further learning, seminars and professional development. As a team we believe learning never stops.

Our approach is to provide each patient with a sustainable approach to health, meaning they walk away with the tools to feel confident in managing their health long term.

Halsa Health Paddington

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