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5 Best Wholefood Cafes of Surry Hills (Updated)

I am a harsh critic when it comes to buying lunch.

Personally I prefer my own creations, knowing they meet my expectations when it comes to nutrition, taste and all round goodness. Occasionally I will come across a gem that serves up a dish above my expectations, this is what I want to share with you.

My Prerequisites

Nutrition: It has to be balanced, so including carbs, fats and protein

Quality: High quality ingredients, bonus for organic

Taste: I will not skimp on taste and you don’t have to either

Creativity: Extra points if they wow me with their creativity

To Note

Most of the cafes on my list also offer up burgers, fried foods and not-so-nutritious treats. I don’t mind this as along as their wholefood dishes are present and on their a-game.

1. Shift Eatery

Commonwealth St, Surry Hills

A newer kid on the scene and I have to say my current favourite. Shift dish up an array of salad bowls that kick all boxes of nutrition, quality, taste and creativity. You will not even notice they are vegan it’s that good. Moderately priced but the serving size makes up for it.

2. Bondi Wholefoods

Elizabeth St, Surry Hills

This place took me a while to visit and when I did I wondered why I hadn’t gone earlier. Their salad and snack options are on point. In fact I frequent this place for a snack as much as I do a meal. You can sit in or take away and they also offer some pretty good late afternoon deals on their grab and go options.

3. O Organic Produce

Crown St, Surry Hills

An institution when it comes to wholefood eating in Surry Hills, O Organic have been dishing up quality options for years. They offer a slight twist on the classics by serving up organic brown rice fried rice, stirfries and edamame pasta (gf). ​Add a side of eggs, goats curd or grilled chicken if you are especially hungry.

4. Ouroboros

Devonshire St, Surry Hills

Firstly, organic. You can’t beat that. Secondly ouroboros, apart from being the hardest name to remember and spell offer a range of options for lunch including all day breakfast. What I like about ouroboros is that you can choose from a balanced salad, breakfast bowl or dinnerish salmon & veg all at the one place. Make your lunch your dinner and snack small in the evenings if you are working late. This place is a all round winner.

5. Verd

Holt St, Surry Hills

Verd offer well priced takeaway bowls, I’m talking under $15 bowls. They have a range of premade options that are filling and tasty. Grab your lunch and take it to the park to round off your ‘I’m doing the healthy thing today’ decision. I recommend the O.G Macro bowl.

Special Mention

Special mention to the monthership bowl at Single O. This is a standard for breakfast or lunch and pairs perfectly with their large selection of speciality coffees (one of my favourite coffee house in Surry Hills)


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