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About Us

There is no right or wrong way to healing; there is only yours.

What We Believe


Health is a way of life

This means, health is about connecting with people you love, carving out time to do the things you care about, getting enough rest, understanding what makes you move, what makes you feel overwhelmed and so much more. Each piece makes up the puzzle and creates your very own picture of health.


There's no set right and wrong

Our bodies respond to stress, rest and life differently, which is why here at Hälsa, we believe in taking an individualised approach with each and every patient. No cookie cutter treatments, no set of right or wrong, only individualised care.


It doesn't need to be complicated

We work with where you are and where you’re ready to go. It’s all about developing new habits that support a simpler, more enjoyable way of healthy living.


We work with you

Our goal is not to change you but to help you work through what you’re struggling with so you can experience life with more ease, clarity and simplicity. Life is meant to be fully enjoyed and if your health is holding you back from doing so, let us help you.

Halsa Health

What is Naturopathy and Nutrition?

Naturopathy utilises herbal and nutritional medicine, diet & lifestyle advice to bring balance to the body.

Nutrition utilises nutritional medicine, diet & lifestyle advice to bring balance to the body.

Both Naturopathy and Nutrition incorporate coaching to empower realistic and sustained change in our patients.

As practitioners we:

  1. Support our patient’s unique needs
  2. Listen to their story
  3. Work to understand the root cause disease and ill health
  4. View the body as the sum of many interconnected parts
  5. Support each patient holistically

Book a chat

We work integratively with medical and allied professionals to give our patients the best opportunity to improve their health & reach their health goals in an integrated model.

You do not need to have prior experience in working with a naturopath or nutritionist to book in, we educate and support our patients each step of the way in a relaxed and approachable manner.

Our Services

Offering online bookings, face to face sessions, zoom & phone sessions, after hours support, flexible sessions and personalised care for each and every patient.