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Emma Drady


With an overwhelming amount of information out there, I hope to educate and inspire my patients to clearly understand the right path for them and help them to navigate their own unique journey.


Emma Drady Naturopath

Treatment Focus Areas

Underactive thyroid, Hashimotos

Overactive thyroid, Graves

Irregular menstrual cycles, PCOS

PMS, menstrual pain, Endometriosis

Preconception, pregnancy and postnatal care

Anxiety, burnout & fatigue 


Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Full member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society


Wednesday 9am – 6pm

Friday 9am – 6pm

Testing available

Pathology – DHM (Blood, urine, stool)


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Hi my name is Emma and I am a Naturopath with a passion for women's health. ​ ​My love of nature took me to Australasian College of Natural Therapies to complete a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. During this four year degree I learnt the science behind plants, a deep understanding of the functions of the human body, and the relationship between lifestyle and how it impacts on our health.

I use evidence based and traditional herbal medicine, nutrition, diet and lifestyle reviews to help bring balance into your life according to your individual needs. My personal and family health journey has sparked a strong interest in thyroid, female hormones, fertility and anxiety. 


In my own time I explore the other sides of the picture by learning about the energetics of the body and soul, and how our emotions directly impact our health. I have a love for travel, learning about other cultures and will forever be seeking connections with the natural world in order to bring alignment to my life and those around me.

Outside the Hälsa Studio, I often lose track of time while:

Walking! I’m a big walker and could spend the whole day in the bush, on a footpath or on the sand with no particular destination in mind. I’m also known to get completely lost in a book, resurfacing only when my teacup is empty. 

My perfect day looks like:

Waking up early, meditation and tea in bed before heading out in the sun. Spending time in nature whether it is barefoot in the grass, a hike in the mountains or floating in the water. Listening to music, drawing or reading in the afternoon before finishing off the day with a lovely meal at one of my favourite restaurants with friends. 

My aim is to simplify your health and remove barriers that may hinder you from achieving your best. I support each patient in finding their own version of health through education, understanding and experience. No fads or unconventional methods, simply quality advice you will understand.