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How Cycle Syncing Changed The Way I View My Mental Health

I think about my health a lot, like A LOT. More than the average person and possibly more than one should.

Yes this is in part because I work in the field of health and it consumes my days but it is also because I find health and human behaviour absolutely fascinating. Why we ‘do what we do’, woah there is a life’s work right there.

Health dictates our personality, our productivity, our friendships and the way we think, move & live. It shapes our experience for better or worse. So naturally I am intrigued by new ways of thinking about my health and the health of others.

To make sense of how we maintain our wellbeing, our happiness and our bodies is my jam.

So when introduced to cycle syncing by Lee From America (seriously cool chick) I leant naturally into a state of curiosity having to know more about it, STAT.

Off I went on a mission to learn, experience and immerse myself into the world of cycle syncing. I read Alisa Vitti’s Woman Code, I downloaded a new kick ass cycle tracking app, I told any one who would listen about it (and continue to) and I switched my monthly tune to watch out for the subtle shifts and flows of my wavering hormones.

Syncing dramatically changed the way I think about my health and improved my health, mood, energy levels and menstrual cycle in ways that I had never experienced before.

No longer was I at the mercy of fluctuating hormones, always feeling two steps behind and constantly wondering why I could feel great one minute and terrible the next. Who can relate?! All of a sudden I could look at a calendar and tell when my mood would be the best, when I should plan to start new ventures, when I should curl up into a ball at home and indulge in self care and even when I was going to feel a little low on self esteem & to cut myself some slack. It is a mental health tracker as much as it is a cycle tracker.

This was so huge for me! My 20’s were a time of blaming myself if my mood, weight or productivity waivered. Blaming myself if I couldn’t make sense of my social or antisocial actions. Allowing my bad mood to carry on during the whole month because I couldn’t let go of a few days of feeling a bit flat. I defined myself by the negativity of my female hormones and frankly it was exhausting.

Now I am able to maintain better relationships, with my partner, friends, work and most importantly myself because I understand my body and my hormones. I now choose to live in flow with my hormones, I accepted the power of my beautiful hormones and relish their ever fluctuation rhythms that make me who I am.

I chose to surrender to my femininity, my strength and have never felt better.

Planning my weeks around my cycle is so rewarding for me, I look forward to the different stages (especially the self indulgent me time!) and it never gets boring. Each cycle I learn more and more about what I need in each phase and continually adapt and tweak the weeks to allow me to optimise my femininity. I feel like I have a superpower to manage my mood and wish I knew about it earlier.

In fact I have seen huge gains in my business and my relationship since cycle syncing. Being able to know when to push myself at work and when to sink back and reflect. Being able to say to my partner ‘just a heads up, I may act a little cray cray the next few days’ or embracing the days when I am in a love bubble and showering him with kisses (too much information?!). Syncing is making sense of the ebbs and flows, giving clarity to your emotions and mental state.

My honest only concern now with having this new lease on the way I view my hormones is that I genuinely think I will miss them when they decide they have had enough and the big ‘M’ rears its head. So I am now grateful each day for my femininity, for my hormones and for what makes me a strong woman.

Own your power as a female, listen to your body and sync to your groove and watch your mood, energy and self flourish.


Jennifer Ward, Adv dip Nat, BCom Econ, Masters Repro Med (studying)

Jennifer is a qualified naturopath with a focus on fertility, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances.

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