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How To Go Gluten Free (Includes product suggestions!)

You’ve probably been asked, or at least thought about breaking up with the bun.

Maybe you gave that thought a couple minutes of air time, dreaming of the flat belly, glowing skin, better digestion and boost in mood that awaits?

But maybe that thought passed as you slam dunk going gluten free into the two hard basket?

I am here to tell you, it’s not that hard.

We live in one of the biggest cities in the world, we have access to most things we want and that includes high quality gluten free options. Yes, technology is now that advance!

I am going to run you through succeessful techniques I’ve used with my patients to ween them off the wheat and my top alternatives that taste like the real deal (only better).

1. Take it Slow

If you are in this for the long game, think long not short. By disrupting what could be your whole days meals over night can cause a rebound affect which is when the change is so great we give up and return to our old ways. This just leaves us feeling defeated and lacking the desire to try for round two. TAKE YOUR TIME. Choose one source of wheat at a time eg. bread, pasta or crackers. When you are ready move on to glutenous victum number 2.

2. No Cold Turkeys

Before you pass the penne have a plan in place. Think what are you going to replace it with? There is no need to create a deep dark whole in your heart as you depart from the white stuff by going cold turkey. That is never fun and is not needed. Change best happens when we still get the result intended – crave bread- eats bread- feeling full and satisfied. So let’s just swap out the bread to a gluten free substitute that still leaves you feeling carboliscious.

3. Be Prepared

One of the biggest avenues for indulging in gluten is when we eat out, at a cafe with our girl friends, dinner with the parents, breakfast because well.. snooze. Be prepared if you are truly dedicated to going gluten free as this will make it miles easier for you. Remove the temptation! Once you are in a good routine, know all the good alternatives and have gotten over the shock of glutens departure you will be in a much better position to get back out there and be confident to order gluten free.

4. Don’t Label Yourself

There is no need to go making a song and dance about your new found ways. Most people have this false idea that if they give up gluten they’ll be automatically classified for all to see as an annoying Sydney snob who orders almond lattes and gluten free pizzas. Life over!. The only reason this happens is because you let people know about what you are doing, really shouted and screamed about it. People have the tendancy to shout it loud and proud in the hope that their friends will keep them accountable, this however never works. You just end up getting shamed back into the pizza party and at full force with a family sized pepperoni on your lap and a large coke to wash it down. Let your thing be your thing, act casual and leave the song and dance to your mate Shelley who is going aquatarian this month.

My Top Gluten Free Substitutes


Healthy Bake Protein Bread (contains oats)

The Protein Bread Co

Nonies GF Bakery

Healthy Bake Protein Bread (contains oats)

Venerdi Paleo Bread

Mt Elephant bread mix

If you want to make your own

Chickpea flat (check out our recipe here)


The Source Bulkfoods Quinoa and rice pasta

Eco Organics Blackbean pasta

Woolworths Buckwheat Spirals

Mungbean fettuccine


Protein bread co Pancake mix


Marys Gone Crackers


Spiral organic tamari


O’Briens Pale Ale

Do you need a hand sorting out your diet? Chat with one of our experienced naturopaths or book in for a simplify session here.