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Serena Di Modugno

Qualified Naturopath

"I believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself and the power of nature".


Serena Di Modugno Naturopath

Treatment Focus Areas



DNA Testing

Mental Health


Women’s hormones – repro & thyroid


Adv Dip Naturopathy

Adv Dip Western Herbal Medicine

BHSc Nutritional Medicine – currently studying

Member of Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS)


Monday 9am – 6pm

Wednesday 9am-6pm (online)

Friday 9am-1pm (online)

Testing available

Pathology – Laverty

DHM (Blood, urine, stool)

GI-Map Testing

DNA testing – RNLabs Hair mineral analysis

Organic acids test (OATS)

Hi, I’m Serena and I am a clinically trained Naturopath & Herbalist here in our Paddington studio.

I grew up in Milan, where my mother taught me to believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself and the power of nature. It was here I was set on my path to natural medicine.

My personal health experience has led me into the areas I specialise in, including MTHFR, mental health and Nutrigenetics (effects of nutrients on the expression of an individual’s genetic makeup). I’m also currently finishing my BHSc Clinical Nutrition.

​It is my desire to support, educate and empower my patients to unlock the true potential in their body; it is more than just your symptoms and your current health; it is about embracing your way of life and treating you holistically.

​I’m using functional medicine along with a traditional and evidence-based approaches to natural medicine to tailor an individual treatment plan.

​My approach is simple; I use herbal medicine, supplements, diet, lifestyle changes, water, enough rest, and sunshine to help my patients to restore the equilibrium of their body and its innate ability to heal itself.

​Outside the Hälsa studio, I often lose track of time while:​

As well as treating my amazing patients, I love to spend time outdoors and you’ll often find me in the ocean amongst the waves or reading a book in the sun.

My perfect day looks like:

Starting with my morning meditation ritual, a long surf or a run and a swim in the ocean, a brunch with friends, a book in the sun, and a nice walk at sunset.

My aim is to first understand who you are, your needs and your complete health profile. I then work with you to uncover the underlying cause of your symptoms keeping you informed each step of the way. Your wellbeing is my priority and I enjoy nothing more than seeing people make a full recovery!