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What is The Best Time of Month to Test Your Hormones?

You know that something is off, you are tired, your period is all over the place, maybe you notice some acne pop up or your libido going down?

These are all signs of a hormonal imbalance and a callout for you to have your hormones tested!

BUT did you know it matters what day of the month you get your hormones checked?

Here is an outline of when to test and what to test during your cycle.

Day 3-4:

What to test: LH, FSH

How to test: blood

Day 21:*

What to test: Estrogen, progesterone

How to test: blood

Any day

What to test: Prolactin, testosterone (avoid testing on ovulation day), DHEA-S, SHBG

How to test: blood, DHEA-S can be tested by blood or saliva

* A note on day 21 testing. If your cycle is shorter or longer than 28 days you may need to adjust your day 21 testing. Find the mid point between ovulation and your day 1 (first day of true bleeding) and that is the right day to get your testing done. Don’t know when you are ovulating? count back 7 days from your day 1, it may not be spot on accurate but it will be as close as we can predict.

We suggest consulting your GP, reproductive specialist or Naturopath to find out what testing options are right for you. To make an appointment to see one of our Naturopaths located in Surry Hills, Sydney click here.


Jennifer Ward, Adv dip Nat, BCom Econ, Masters Repro Med (studying)

Jennifer is a qualified naturopath with a focus on fertility, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances.

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